Below are some frequently asked questions about the Voices of Academia blog.

What is Voices of Academia?

Voices of Academia is designed as a hub (with both a blog and Twitter presence) for academics to share their experiences related to both mental health and wellness in academia. Voices of Academia is not a legal entity, nor does it provide medical or professional advice. It is simply designed to collect and curate the ‘voices’ of academics across the globe to make sure stories get heard. Please see our disclaimer for more detailed information.

Am I eligible to write for VoA?

If you are currently in academia, or left academia, we want to hear from you. This includes contributions from undergraduate students to PhD researchers, all the way to tenured professors, and professional staff. We want to capture the whole academic experience.

Can I write anonymously?

Yes, you can submit blog posts which we will publish anonymously if you wish, though where possible we would like to publish with names attached to help reduce the stigma around mental health issues. We understand that anonymity is necessary in some cases. Please note that your identity will be shared with both Marissa and Zoë prior to publication. We will not publish any article, containing any defamatory statements directed at individuals or institutions. Please see our author guidelines below for more information.

How long should my blog be?

A typical blog is approximately 1500 words in length. We will consider down to a minimum of 1000 words and up to a maximum of 3000 words for your VoA blog post. We will however be flexible with this on a case-by-case basis, making sure you have enough space to talk through your experiences. We ask you to be as concise as possible to communicate your valuable experiences the most effectively with a wide audience.

Who owns the rights to my blog post?

You do! By agreeing to publish with us, you retain all rights to publish your work elsewhere too. We want to get the word out there about mental health in academia, so want you to be able to share your story. We do, however, ask that your blog be original for this blog, or let us know that it has been published elsewhere previously.

Will my blog post be edited?

Yes. We have a 6 step editing process, summarised in our author guidelines. We will make edits to language, readability and flow where needed. We will work with you until both parties are happy, as we want to make sure to publish the best version of your experience as possible.